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About us

The company Q-99 Sound & Light from its origin in 1992 has been building up a long tradition of providing high-quality services in the field of technological provision. The basis of our philosophy is an individual approach to the client and obviously their satisfaction, which is returned to us in the form of the continuous and long-term relationships with our clients.

The company Q-99 Sound & Light is the sole owner of many top-notch technologies, which we were the first to bring to Slovakia. In the scope of our work we cooperate in the preparation of important social events and festivals, and our professional services are utilised at high state and nationwide events.

The name of our company Q-99 did not originate only with the visual joining of a letter and numbers. It has a much deeper meaning. The letter Q symbolises the English word Quality, which is an inseparable component of our activities. We selected the number 99 in conjunction with the strong-minded businessman Tomáš Baťa and his famous advantageous “Baťa price”. His path from a small business to a company of gigantic dimensions remains a model for us today.

"Don't be similar, be in front!", weds the long-term aspiration to be unique with the excellence of the company Q-99. We try to satisfy the words of the most important business man in our history, Tomáš Baťa, with our own efforts. We have thus become a leading company in our field thanks to our technological and professional approach.

Q-99 Sound & Light, through the association of the “Baťa price” ending with the number 9, pays homage to a person, who despite great success maintained a human face and values.